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Our Team

Monica T. Jackson

Qualifying Broker

Monica (Nica) Jackson is the Qualifying Broker for M&S Holding Inc. which specializes in property management and M&S Realty Group LLC which is another extension of M&S that focuses on real estate sales. Nica is also the president of an HOA community in Atlanta, GA.  Nica has the ability to listen to her clients needs and has the determination to exceed them. What sets her apart from other brokers is that she brings different skills sets. Having over fifteen years experience in architecture, structure, electrical and piping design. Her ability to see the potential in real estate properties regardless of it’s current state, brings value to her clients. Nica brings an analytical outlook on situations, examining the pros and cons of each deal. Nica is currently attending Georgetown University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Real Estate and has a BA degree from Strayer University in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Nica strives to “Maximize Your Living Potential” hence making her a valuable asset to M&S Holding Inc. Nica’s invaluable real estate savvy has allowed the company to expand and grow since the opening of M & S Holding Inc. was formed. Visit click here. or setup a search by  clicking Search by Nica. Please contact Monica at

Aretha A. Henderson


Aretha Henderson is a Realtor for M&S Holding Inc. She obtained a bachelors degree from Hampton University and her MBA from Strayer University, in Accounting. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Aretha obtained over thirteen years of experience in management, planning and finance. While overseeing the success of M&S Holding Inc., Aretha is a brilliant math instructor at a local college institute where she educates others to better their future. The experience Aretha obtained in these areas gives her unique insight and training, as well as the skills necessary to purchase and manage several rental properties of her own. Her passion did not just end with owning and managing her own properties but led her and her partner to start one of the leading realty companies in Virginia and Georgia; M&S Holding Inc., DBA M&S Realty Group LLC. Aretha believes education, next to real estate, is one of the most instrumental assets one can obtain. As such, she is currently pursuing her doctorate degree from Walden University and is currently completing her dissertation which examines the strategies small business use to be successful 5 years and beyond.  Visit Aretha’s website. Please contact Aretha at